Here are some recommendations for self-care at home:


  • During this time of heightened stress and anxiety is it crucial to find at least 15 minutes each day to be alone and breathe.  Turn off the news, lay on a firm surface, feel supported and simply breathe deeply.  Listen to calming music, your own breathing, or the sounds of nature.

  • If you have a hard time quieting your mind, listen to  mindfulness guided meditations.  There are endless online choices for this, but we recommend Insight Timer for its huge array of free choices.

  • Don't stop moving.  Working from home can put you in some awkward positions.  Be sure to take breaks to stretch and walk.  Most of the local yoga studios are offering online classes, or check out the free Meditate and Move videos from Associated Bodywork and Movement Professionals facebook page.

  • Eat nutritional foods and reach out for herbal remedies to support your immune system with Mischa at Wild Carrot Herbs.

  • Practice gratitude by forcing yourself to look for the silver lining in your personal situation and writing it down to fully feel it.  Read Melissa's example here.