• All massage therapy treatments can be scheduled through the "BOOK & SHOP HERE" button above or by calling 207.232.6088.  If we do not answer, you will receive a text from our answering service who are able to book/cancel appointments, relay messages to the therapists and answer basic questions, so please feel free to use them!  If you have questions about which treatment is right for you, please call or email us before booking online. Certain types of massage may be contraindicated depending on your medical conditions/health history. 


  • During COVID-19 the following treatments are temporarily suspended: Hot stone, visceral and couples massage. our suite door will remain locked even when we are open.  When arriving for your appointment, please park behind the building for the most direct entry to our suite and wait for your massage therapist to text you when they are ready to welcome you at our door.  

  • New clients should print our intake form below.  Once you have completed it, please upload it to your profile in the documents tab on the far right.  It will only be visable to you as an uploaded document once we have approved it.


  • Health insurance coverage must be verified by Sage Wellness prior to your massage.  Not all treatments listed below are billable to health insurance.  Please print and complete the Insurance Submission Form below and email it to

Downloadable Forms:    


New Client Intake Form

Insurance Submission Form


Oncology Consent Form (for clients currently under oncology care to supplement your intake form)

Prenatal Consent Form (for prenatal clients to supplement your intake form)

Reflexology & Massage Combo
Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet and hands based on reflex areas that effect physical changes in corresponding body parts. This treatment can also include deep tissue or relaxation massage on other body parts.
30/60/90 minutes for $45/$80/$105
Deep Tissue Massage
A combination of relaxation techniques, active and passive stretching, deep breathing, cupping therapy and neuromuscular techniques will be used to induce relaxation, lengthen muscles and resolve trigger points.
30/60/90 minutes for $45/$80/$105
Relaxation Massage
Leave behind the stress of life and be at peace. Light airy strokes to deep soothing pressure will be used according to your preference. A combination of energy balancing and relaxation techniques will allow you to truly unwind.
30/60/90 minutes for $45/$80/$105
Prenatal Massage
This treatment helps ease the musculoskeletal pain associated with weight gain and postural shifts during pregnancy, reduces swelling and improves sleep. Similar to Relaxation/Deep Tissue massage with unique positioning and supports for a pregnant woman.
30/60/90 minutes for $45/$80/$105
Thai Massage
The therapist uses their hands, knees, elbows and feet as tools to offer deep compression and access specific points (sen lines) and release layers of tension in your body. You are guided through deep stretches and joint range of motion to increase relaxation and flexibility. Sessions with Kate will be on a soft heated floor mat and may include hot herbal compresses, cupping or liniment balms. Sessions with Janjira are on a heated massage table.

60/90/120 minutes for $90, $120, $150
Polarity Therapy
Your energetic fields can benefit from assessment and care, just like your physical body. This gentle modality uses Eastern medicine traditions to address the source of your stress and disease. Polarity utilizes techniques that connect the positive, neutral and negatively charged energy forces to enhance the life force within a problem area.
60/90 minutes for $80/$105 or
custom blend of Polarity, Reiki, and Craniosacral -120 minutes for $130
CBD Massage
CBD is one of the over 100 different cannibinoids derived from the hemp plant that has medicinal properties. It is used to treat acute pain, arthritis, inflammation, neuropathy, insomnia and anxiety. It is non intoxicating and non addictive. We have diligently researched the sea of CBD products available and chose an organic locally grown product. Enjoy a full body deep tissue or relaxation massage using CBD oil, either plain or scented with lavender. 30/60/90 minutes for $55/$90/$115
Reiki Therapy
Reiki is often used to create deep relaxation, reduce stress, speed healing, reduce pain, boost immunity and improve sleep. Your massage therapist places their hands just above your body along your seven chakras to help channel energy into your body to replenish depleted areas.
60/90 minutes for $80/$105 or custom blend of Reiki, Polarity and Craniosacral – 120 minutes for $130
Energy Work & Bodywork Blend
Enjoy a custom blend of energy work and bodywork. Choose between Reiki or Polarity combined with Deep Tissue or Relaxation massage. You and your massage therapist will decide which modalities will best meet your goals for your session.
60/90 minutes for $80/$105
Visceral Massage
Temporarily unavailable.
Visceral massage uses gentle manual techniques to enhance normal mobility, motion and function in the body's organs. Whether dysfunction arises from trauma due to an accident, surgery or chronic stress, visceral manipulation of the abdomen can encourage the release of restrictions through stretching, kneading and myofascial release. This treatment can also include deep tissue or relaxation massage if desired in longer sessions.
30/60/90 minutes for $45/$80/$105
Hot Stone Massage
Temporarily unavailable for booking.
Heated basalt stones will be placed above and below your body and be utilized by the therapist throughout the massage. This unique, decadent experience is truly relaxing.
60/90 minutes for $95/$120, with option to add CBD oil for an additional $10.
Couples Massage
Temporarily unavailable for booking.
For two people to simultaneously enjoy a relaxation, deep tissue, or prenatal massage in the same room. This treatment must be booked by calling us at 232-6088 to ensure two therapists are available at the same time.
60/90 minutes for $160/$210
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