Looking for the silver lining.....

I’ll be honest. I have a lot of sadness and anger about what is happening in our country and our world right now. But I also have hope, that there will be some benefit to the madness that is occurring. Perhaps a deeper connection to all of humanity, a deeper respect for the healing power of nature, a reduction of our carbon footprint as we change our ways of operating and lessons learned for government and health organizations to be better prepared in the future.

I decided to temporarily close our doors at Sage Wellness early last week when the risk of transmission of this virus started to outweigh the benefits of our treatments. We will remain closed until it is safe to reopen. Right now, I do not know when that will be.

This was a very difficult decision for the sake of the income of the Sage Wellness staff, but it was the right thing to do to help slow the spread of this virus and reduce the overwhelm of our medical systems. It is so frustrating for all of us at Sage Wellness to not be able to help you in the ways we normally do during this extremely stressful time.

At this time, we are taking this opportunity to rest, reflect and regroup. Our workshop events have switched to online and we are still working on how to offer virtual massage therapy. 😊 With the constant swirling emotions of fear, overwhelm, confusion around our futures, this is the perfect time to pause and force yourself to turn off the news and think about the silver linings in your situation.

Here are of few of mine:

  • Deep gratitude for our doctors, nurses, hospital staff (and their families) who are risking their own lives to help others.

  • Appreciation for the heartwarming donations everywhere ranging from free online content for home schooling education to free online concerts and food donations.

  • Concern for the people I love has led to more regular and meaningful check-ins with friends and relatives, albeit virtually.

  • Highly touching messages from my clients about their appreciation for the work I do and well wishes for our future.

  • Being able to have hugs from my kids and husband whenever I want!

  • Immense gratitude for my own health and those closest to me.

  • I now know much more about my daughter’s classmates, their education and have a greater appreciation for their teachers.

  • Being outside in nature is now a daily requirement in our house for health and sanity.

  • Empty store shelves and limited resources forces me to think about what we really NEED instead of want.

  • I’m making stronger connections with local farmers and fishermen for food resources.

  • The lack of televised sports has made room for family game nights and laughter.

  • Remembering that I am resilient and can adapt. I have been through challenges and uncertainty in my life that made me stronger and I will get through this too.

Perhaps you can relate to some of these and I hope this perspective brings a smile to your face. I realize that I am speaking from a place of privilege because I am not fearing for my life or worried where my next meal will come from, as many people are right now. But regardless of your situation, there is always a silver lining. If you also have “some unexpected time on your hands,” I’d recommend creating your own personal list of silver linings. The act of literally writing them down will help to truly feel them and push away some of the fear, sadness and anger. And hopefully it will be an interesting list to reflect back on at some point in the future when we are on the other side of this crisis.

In gratitude,

Melissa Walsh

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