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Dear Sage Wellness Community,

Of all my newsletters over the years, this undoubtedly is the most difficult one I've ever written. After significant deliberation, I have decided that Sage Wellness will be closing its doors indefinitely on September 18. We are continuing to accept appointment bookings until that date. I realize this comes as a miserable surprise to most of you and I am truly sorry for that. The truth is that the drive and passion I had when starting this business has been stretched so thin at this point that it is time to shift gears. Being a successful small business owner during these changing times requires a stamina that I no longer possess.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has returned to our practice upon our reopening and booked future appointments, but at this point the economics simply are not working out. Nor will they work in the near future due to lack of staff, decreased appointments and increased expenses. And while this may not always be the case, it is the present reality. So I am doing what I feel is right for the sake of my business's financial bottom line and my physical and mental health.

These past five months since the start of COVID-19 have forced all of us to take a hard look at what we value most, and for me it is being fully present for the care and education of my daughters. I will always be a massage therapist, I may again be a business owner, but there is only a short time that I will be a mother to young daughters that need me.

Appointments that are currently booked after September 18 will be cancelled unfortunately. Our website will remain active to keep you informed of the new location of the massage therapists who are continuing their practice. I will also be listing the furniture and equipment available for sale on the website and hosting an on-site moving sale on September 19 (face masks required).

I will miss this community beyond measure and words cannot thank you enough for making my dream real for these past eleven years. I am optimistic about the future and the unfolding of the next chapter. I hope you are too.

In deep gratitude, Melissa Walsh, LMT

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